An Agile process

We provide Agile services to analyse requirements and deliver effective products in 2 weekly release cycles to realize value and gain feedback as soon as possible.


Pictorial representation of the 'Agile' Scrum development

Microsoft Team Foundation Server

TFS is used in as an end-to-end tool for our clients during all phases of a project including Requirements, Project Management, Source Control, QA Process, Build Process and Reporting. This provides visibility and traceability to the whole team.

Project tracking

Scrum boards

Project management and project coordinators

A project manager and a project coordinator will be assigned to all projects. For smaller projects the project coordinator may also double as proof reader or technical tester, once given suitable training. This allows for a quick and efficient turnaround and product delivery. Change management is handled by the project manager

Web developers and web builders / media assistants

Media assistants are used to do standard web builds such as W2W and Moodle and population of Dreamweaver templates. They perform a vital role and support the developers and project managers. Copyright clearance and image sourcing can also be arranged through a suitably trained media assistant.

Realware offers a full range of Moodle services including hosting, support, course design, custom development and theme design.  We specialise in migrating VLE content to Moodle and migrating between Moodle versions. Moodle v1.9 will have no community support or security fixes from January 2014 so it is time to move to Moodle 2+.

Moodle hosting service

  • Dedicated and efficient support
  • Experienced Moodle technical administrators who can assist you to manage your Moodle content
  • Expert Moodle technical support available to give advice on tailoring and implementing your VLE
  • Realware has close contact with Universities and the e-learning community
  • 10 years experiance developing Moodle plugins and modules
  • Regular Moodle updates
  • Out of office hours server maintenance
  • Automatic daily backups
  • 99.9% uptime


  • We strictly follow our legal obligations to protect information under the Data Protection Act 1998
  • We use 1&1 Dedicated servers to reduce the risk of other web server users corrupting or accessing your data
  • SSL Certificate - certified security for the exchange of personal data
  • High-performance Data Centre Hosted in one of Europe's most modern data centres
  • External Cisco-based IP firewall

Drupal Website Design

Drupal website design with eye-catching and rich UIs. Developed with best-practice methodologies to ensure long-term stability, security, and future-proofed extendability.

As much as possible we use existing Drupal modules to achieve the required functionality. Any custom code adheres tightly to Drupal's coding standards and utilises existing module hooks and Drupal's APIs. The custom module's source code is standard-compliant, well-formed, commented, and documented so it's easy for anyone to make changes in the future.

Word to Web publishing

Automated e-publishing is becoming a standard in e-learning development as it already has in print and web publishing. The Word to Web Publishing System (W2W) is an e-publishing system that enables content creators to rapidly populate, preview and amend content. W2W has a number of major capabilities that make it the ideal publishing solution:

Instant conversion from Word to Web

  • Rapid development and deployment of web sites, information resources and e-learning
  • Flexible and ever expanding set of interactive templates, such as:
    • Multiple choice, drop down choices, gap filling, un-jumbling sentences, typing in missing text, typing in text with check
    • Drag and drop (fully accessible) matching words, statements, images, audio, tables, columns and sentences
    • Interactive dialogue, highlighting letters, words or phrases, inserting phrase dividers, re-ordering words, re-writing words or sentences
    • Video / audio player, embedded audio, slideshows, drop down information boxes, Techphonetic characters, embedded Flash;
  • Familiar authoring environment (using MS Word or Open Office to input all content)
  • Standards Compliance W3C Valid XHTML, W3C Accessibility Priority 2 and 3 where appropriate
  • Proven technology MS Word, XML, XSLT, CSS, Javascript, XHTML and Flash
  • Established workflow process to distribute work evenly and appropriately amongst team
  • Master content is held in Word, facilitating effective maintenance and reversioning
  • Documents are stored in a content management system
  • The use of mature, highly-developed components assures reliability and quality control.
  • Saves time, reduces risk and embeds expertise.

Online demos

Graphics design

Our graphics designers pride themselves in producing engaging web designs with the ability to template and scale:

  • Animated diagrams / 2D character animation
  • Video
  • Graphics design
  • Illustrations
  • Picture sourcing
  • Photography

Editors and Proof readers

All projects are assigned an editor or proof reader (or both). It is essential that this team is fully briefed on Brand guidelines and writing style guide, and of course the full project specification.

Quality assurance and technical testing

All builds and assets are checked before releasing product alphas, betas and final release. Even the smallest change is checked by a second party before being released to the client. Standard test plans are used for multi-platform checks and accessibility checks. When new codes or components are being checked a custom test plan is created for each component.

Out-source where and when required

When we require extra capacity (web developers, project managers, editors) or capabilities we do not hold in-house, such as 3D animations, comic strip cartoon styles or artistic illustrations, hi-end video production or highly artistic treatments, we use our freelancer list developed over 8 years to source reliable and high quality people.

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